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My Why

To inspire and mentor open minded, committed people so that collectively we can achieve their goals and aspirations of maximum health and financial wellness.

Our Story

Once upon a time there was a couple destined to repeat the cycle of poor health and financial struggles. 

Everyday they follow the pattern that they were raised with of unhealthy habits and living paycheck to paycheck and racking up consumer debt.

One day they were introduced to Market America/Shop.com and were shown how to transform their current spending into an extra income stream. 

Because of that they learned about living a healthy lifestyle with TLS, the power of leverage with the Shopping Annuity and the way to accelerate debt payoff with the Debt Shredder.

Because of that the husband lost 80 pounds and both of their health stats started to normalize, they generated additional income and they got rid of their JOBS and paid off all debt including their house in half the time.

Until one day in 2021, they had achieved optional health, a six figure residual income and zero consumer debt and were able to mentor hundreds of average families to follow in their footsteps to lead a healthy and debt free lifestyle.

How I Got Started

I found Market America when I was looking for solutions for my son's ADHD. I was approached by a fellow board member that introduced me to a local medical doctor that worked closely with the products and the company. The Doctor provide me with several studies about ADHD and the association with nutritional deficiencies.


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